Scallops and Shrimp

Click on any of the product names or pictures below to see more detail and to place an order online. All product comes in 1 pound sealed packages, complete with a QR code and information about the boat, fisherman and tackle used all for purposes of sustainability and transparency. 1 portion is approx. 16 oz (1 lb). We recommend 6-8 oz per person. A pound or two of scallops and shrimp included in recipes with other delicious and hearty ingredients goes a long way for 4 persons. Prices are subject to change, but we strive to keep best priced.

Cape Cod Scallops

This product is individual 1 lb packs. Nothing compares to dry sea scallops. The texture is buttery and firm with a rich and sweet ocean flavor. Available year-round, sea scallops are a low-fat source of protein and B vitamins.

Lg Gulf Shrimp Tail on

Large Wild Gulf Shrimp with Tail on. 15/20 count per pound. Raw, peeled & deveined with tails on. Juicy and delicious as main course or appetizer!

Lg Wild Gulf Shrimp Shell On

Large 10/15 count per pound shell on shrimp. Wild caught domestic shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico, landed in Texas. This shrimp is raw with shells on. 1 portion is approx. 16 oz (1 lb). 10/15 count.

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