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For Starters

Fish can be deep fried, pan fried, baked, broiled, grilled, smoked and easily cooked in foil. Seafood like uncooked shrimp needs cooked in boiling water but briefly. Scallops can be pan fried for just a few minutes on either side in olive oil. And our precooked product like Shucked Lobster and Snow Crab legs only needs steamed. Your health may dictate which approach you take when finding a good recipe. But these are the basics. Start here and this will help you focus on spices and recipes.

Ozark's Ocean Fish & Seafood Spice Packs

Beyond choosing the basic approach, how you spice that ocean fish and seafood creates the perfect combinations you will crave over and over. We have searched out the TOP FIVE spice approaches and conveniently assembled the many spices for each in small packs. Click here for our 5 spice packets and add to your next order: Blackened, Cajun, Essence, Famous and Spiced.

Ever-Growing Community Cookbook For Our Products

To quickly find a way to cook up that ocean fish and seafood, simply filter the decisions below, and the results will be refined by each new criteria you select. Once you begin, you may clear the selection criteria and start over. Example: Just select Acadian Red Fish from the 1st drop down list. Scroll down to see approved entries.

Customers Adding Recipes

We love it when our customers send us pics on how they prepare our products. As our customer, we greatly desire to hear about your creations! Once logged into your Account, you will see a link to submit detail and add 1 pic and after we approve it will appear here in our ever growing community cookbook!

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