Examine your product like you do anything as this is caught in the wild ocean and prepare it properly and cook correctly. 

All fish and seafood must be thawed in cold water or refrigerator and cook soon therafter. If thawed properly, fish and seafood can be refrigerated for 4 days. 1 Pound of frozen fish can thaw in about an hour.

Our processor, Red's Best, processes thousands of pounds of seafood daily and we all ensure you are delivered a safe, flash frozen product, allowing the fish and seafood to properly transition to the best edible state while keeping all that freshness contained.  

This product is caught wild and comes ready to go, but double check it for perhaps a few small bones around the edges, score fish before you cook if you prefer but most importantly undercooked food of any kind may not be good for your health.  You are responsible for that!  

Fried fish is best at 350-375 degrees and if scored is very safe.  Remember to wash your hands during the process, follow proven recipes (all over the Internet!) and enjoy!  Seafood like our pealed shrimp and scallops don't need to be cooked longer than a few minutes.  Some seafood will get "tough" and "chewy" if overcooked.

Ozark's Ocean Fish and Seafood for Missouri
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You need ocean fish and seafood weekly.

Ozark's Ocean Fish and Seafood for Missouri


For a simple classic everyone loves, coat your fish in your favorite cornmeal + spices: lemon pepper, garlic, some salt (or not!) and fry in oil of your choice.  You should have this at least once per week!  

Ozark's Ocean Fish and Seafood for Missouri


Halibut baked with a crumble coating and served with zucchini and pasta is a great example of dinner.  1 pound of Halibut served 4 with this dish.  Baked or grilled over fried is a good and healthy option!  

Ozark's Ocean Fish and Seafood for Missouri

That Special Meal

This Tuscan dish with cream and cooked with Wild Gulf Shrimp and Cape Cod Scallops, topped with tomatoes and chopped beet leaves was a Mediterranean delight for a special night. 

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